Identifying young people needing transition

  • Professionals usually start talking to young people and their parents about their health needs and Transition to Adult Services around the time of their fourteenth birthday. This allows plenty of time for gradual planned Transition.  
  • Professionals should write a letter summarising the young person’s diagnosis and health needs or this information can be entered into a Health Information Passport or Advance Care Plan.  The young person should be given a copy of this information, have the opportunity to read it and ask questions. This information should be updated as they progress through Transition.
  1. All young people with long term conditions and their families are aware of the need for Transition to Adult Services before their 15th birthday
  2. Consultants caring for young people with long term conditions identify markers for complex or difficult transition before the young person’s 15th birthday and notify the Transition Team if appropriate
  3. Individual Specialties, the Trust Transition Team, Adult Services, Commissioners from both Adult and Children’s Services, and Patient Representatives meet at least annually to plan services for the cohort of young people with long term conditions as they move into adult services
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