Planning a route into Urgent Care

  • Young people moving into adult services will need to know what to do if they become unwell. Professionals should ensure the young person’s GP has the necessary information to support them. The young person should know which hospital they are likely to be taken to.  
  • Young people with learning disabilities may also need additional support in order to safely access emergency and inpatient care, including a hand held Health Information Passport. When young people are receiving continuing care carers (or parents) may continue to provide the young person’s “everyday” care through the use of the Carer Skills Passport


  1. Each young person has a clear plan for access to urgent (emergency) care including a self-management plan and the role of their GP
  2.  Young people have the opportunity to visit adult A&E and inpatient facilities before moving to adult services
  3.  Support for young people with complex long term conditions in inpatient settings includes carers (or parents) in-reaching to continue to support the young person’s “everyday” care needs, where appropriate

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