AJ’s story and why a Transition Exception Register

Jacqui Rogers

Jacqui qualified as a Registered General Nurse in 1990, a Registered Midwife in 1992, and as a Health Visitor with a degree in public health in 2001. Jacqui has always worked in and around caring for women and children, and implementation of the Public Health agenda. Jacqui has held a number of roles in the last 25 years as a Team midwife, a Children’s Centre Midwife, a health visitor, and a Matron in Maternity services.

After completing a Master’s Degree in Business Management in the Public Sector in 2013 she changed her career pathway to experience some time in general management as a Service Manager, trying to influence change.

However missing patient contact after 5 years, she returned to a Nursing role as Transition Service Lead Nurse at Alder Hey NHS Children’s Foundation Trust, and has been leading with Dr Lynda Brook the strategic development, planning and implementation of the 10 steps Transition Pathway and toolkit on behalf of the organisation.

Jacqui has strategically led a programme of work across the region, working with local CCG commissioners, NHSE specialist commissioners, adult acute and primary services to support the development of services to support transition of Alder Hey’s most complex young people. This partnership working has led to the development of a share standard operating procedure based on the 10 steps transition pathway; which will support the safe and seamless transition of complex young people to adult acute and primary care in parallel in Liverpool.

Jacqui has presented Alder Hey’s 10 Steps Transition Pathway and toolkit at nationally, resulting in a number of regions across the country adopting the 10 Steps Transition Pathway.  Jacqui also shares this model with student nurses at Chester, Edge Hill and John Moore’s University’s.  Jacqui delivers multi-agency Transition training regularly and has also delivered some transition lectures to students

at Chester, Edge Hill and John Moore’s University’s. In 2016 she founded and chairs the North West Region Multi Agency Transition Network.

More recently in 2020 Jacqui set up a continuing health care (CHC) network meeting; with the aim of standardising the process embedding equity across the region. This has grown and now has NHSE/I  support and leadership at a national level.

Jacqui and Lynda travelled to Switzerland and presented the ’10 Steps Transition Pathway’ and transition developments at Alder Hey at the 1st European Transition Symposium in 2018.  They are planning to present in 2021 at the 3rd European transition symposium the work on transition of yong people with complex neuro-disabilities.

In February 2017 Jacqui and Lynda had their first Publication of the ‘10 Steps Transition pathway’ in a National Medical Journal this link to review this article is https://www.entandaudiologynews.com/features/ent-features/post/10-steps-to-improving-transition-to-adult-services

A second piece of work was published in December 2018 in the International Journal of Nursing; the link to review this article is http://ijnnet.com/current-ijn.

Jacqui has great passion and insight into this role both professionally and on a personal level, as two of her four children have long term conditions and will require Transition to adult services and lifelong care.