Improving Transition for Young People Impact of the Pathways Clinic at Royal Devon and Exeter Hospital

Jasmine Heslop

Jasmine qualified as a Paediatric Nurse in 1995 and completed her masters in 2008.  She has extensive experience in both Hospital and Community Paediatrics, including leading a Children’s Community Palliative Care team.  She took up her current post as Paediatric Liaison and Transition nurse in 2016 at the Royal Devon and Exeter Hospital. This post was established in response to the recognition of a gap in service provision for young people with complex needs in the transition from children’s to adult health care services.  Since she has been in this role, she has pioneered the introduction of novel pathways and clinics to support young people and their families through their Journey to adulthood.





Julia Hodgson

Julia Hodgson is the Projects Manager at Together for Short Lives.  In addition to projects delivered through the family support hub, she has been managing the Improving Transitions for Young People Fund for the past 4 years.