Special circumstances: the Transition Exception Register

  • When a long term condition is diagnosed or recognised during the transition age range, the young person should be offered the choice of being referred directly to adult services, or being referred to children’s services with ongoing active management of the long term condition continuing in parallel with transition to adult services.
  • Diagnosis of a life threatening or life shortening condition does not automatically negate the requirement for transition to adult services, as increasingly these children are living into adulthood
The Alder Hey Transition Exception Register
  • Young people who are likely to require ongoing support from Alder Hey beyond their 18th birthday, either as an inpatient or at an Alder Hey clinic, must be referred to the Transition team for entry on the Transition Exception Register
  • The Transition Exception Register is a Trust record of young people aged 18 and over, whose care needs are most appropriately met in children’s services. This may include inpatient care at Alder Hey based on availability of resources and risk assessment by the young person’s consultant(s).
  • Patients will only be eligible for inclusion on the Transition Exception Register if there are genuine and compelling reasons why the young person cannot be safely transitioned to adult services
Why do we need the Transition Exception Register?

The Transition Exception Register has three purposes:

  1. To provide assurance for the young person and their family that their healthcare needs will continue to be met in the most appropriate setting
  2. To provide a method of identifying and actively managing transition for patients who remain under the care of the Trust beyond normal transition age, allowing active discussion with adult providers and commissioners to ensure that appropriate services are identified or developed.
  3. To enable young people of 18 or over to be identified within the Trust and ensure that appropriate support and resources are implemented.  The Trust already has a system in place to routinely identify all inpatients who are 18 or over with specific reference to privacy and dignity requirements, vulnerable adults and safeguarding.  This Register will also allow additional needs of these young people to be readily identified and addressed.

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